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Apple Juice with Ginger

24cl & 74cl

Pure apple juice with the warming spice of fresh root ginger ... Drink Title Shadow

...of wild orchards
juice of these valleys

A little bit of information

The full bodied apple juice is balanced with the warmth and citrus notes of fresh root ginger. Serve warm with gingerbread, warm apple cake or crumbly homemade oat biscuits. Equally, drink with a mild stir-fry or creamy korma-style curries, with couscous or with baked sweet potatoes.


The ingredients

Like all Luscombe drinks, our organic Apple Juice with Ginger is made with the best fruit that we can grow and source...

Organic Apple Juice (95%), Spring Water, Organic Root Ginger, Malic Acid (to balance acidity) & Vitamin C.


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