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No Fuss Raspberry Lemonade

‘No fuss’ – that is the ethos behind our new Raspberry Lemonade recipe. The team has been busy refining one of our firm favourites, reducing the time it takes to get the raspberries from the bush into the bottle. The result? A lemonade that is even zingier and fresher on the palate.

Once picked, the raspberries are pressed and carefully blended with our Sicilian lemons, spring water and touched with Madagascan vanilla and a tad of sparkle. There are no additives, colourings, enhancers, preservatives or short cuts of any kind, meaning the Luscombe Raspberry Lemonade retains the delicate character of the fruit.

A great substitute for a fruity rosé, it is the perfect companion to spring/summer alfresco dining or to toast that special person. Match Luscombe’s Raspberry Lemonade with game terrine, smoked duck breast, smoked chicken or smoked venison, cheeses such as Brie and salads that include berries. It’s also great with American-style cheesecake, particularly if topped with fresh berries, and the Scottish dessert cranachan with raspberries.

Posted on: 11/11/2011


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